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Elvis Presley: A Generous Heart DVD

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Elvis Presley
...A Generous Heart
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Following up the success of our first Elvis DVD, "Elvis Presley..From the Beginning to the End" comes, " Elvis... A Generous Heart." Elvis is without a doubt the most beloved, idolized legendary star in history. Through his music, live performances and his films he brought joy to millions  of people around the world. But for all his accomplishments as an entertainer perhaps his greatest legacy was his enormous generosity. The new DVD, "Elvis...A Generous Heart" examines his wonderful legacy of generosity.

Some examples:

  • The legendary "Aloha from Hawaii" concert  in 1973 raised more than $75,000 for cancer research.
  • In 1964 Elvis purchased the FDR presidential yacht and donated it to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital,  who in turn raised $55,000 for research upon it's sale.
  • Elvis Presley was the single largest  private contributor to the Pearl Harbor Memorial site in Hawaii.
  • In 1975 he gave a concert in Jackson, Mississippi to raise funds for the victims of a tornado in his native state.  As a child Elvis had witnessed the devastation of a tornado.
  • In 1968 Elvis auctioned one of his Rolls Royces to raise money for a charity that aided mentally handicapped children.

The list of his generous acts goes on and on and on. Through the use of new interviews, new on-location filming, classic footage and photos, "Elvis... A Generous Heart" will be one of the most definitive films ever made about the great generosity and kindness of the King, Elvis Presley.