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Jesse Colin Young <> Song For Juli

Jesse Colin Young, Song for Juli, vinyl 2016, Audio Fidelity
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Jesse Colin Young
Song For Juli
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1 Morning Sun     
2 Song For Juli     
3 Ridgetop     
4 Evenin'

1 Miss Hesitation     
2 T-Bone Shuffle
3a Lafayette Waltz
3b Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
4 Country Home

Produced by Jesse Colin Young
Remastered by Cameron Henry at Welcome to 1979

Vinyl/gatefold jacket - lyrics included
Label: PigFoot Music, LLC  
Manufactured and Distributed by Audio Fidelity


Jesse Colin Young
Song For Juli

"The former Youngbloods lead singer's 1972 solo masterpiece...
over one year on the Billboard Album chart!"

While lead singer of The Youngbloods, Jesse Colin Young's legendary rock band took the nation by storm when their single "Get Together" became a worldwide #1 hit and a prominent soundtrack for peace. After seven albums with the group, Jesse released more than 15 celebrated solo albums including Song for Juli a work many critics agree is his solo masterpiece.

Following Song for Juli four more albums charted over the next three years, Light Shine in 1974, Songbird and On the Road in 1975 and Love on the Wing in 1976. Each of those solo albums contained breakthrough tracks from country fusion to jazz fusion to blues rock that received airplay on radio stations across America.

Jesse's musical accomplishments are many, including performing with Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin in 1969; touring with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in the summer of 1974; from walking off the Johnny Carson show, to singing for American Indians rights.

The Queens, NY native recorded his first album, The Soul of a City Boy while living in the Greenwich Village in 1964. He recorded a second album, Young Blood, featuring supporting musicians, including John Sebastian and Peter Childs.

During the 1970's, Jesse helped establish the "No Nukes" movement. Involved from the very beginning, he closed the 1979 "No Nukes" concert and movie singing the iconic Younglbood's anthem “Get Together,” joined by legends Jackson Browne, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash. Throughout the 1980's, Jesse toured as a solo artist, often appearing at fundraisers for various organizations.

Throughout his professional life of recording and touring, Jesse has also taken the time to dedicate his life to giving back to the world. He has performed on behalf of organizations ranging from the Dream Foundation to the Kona Pacific Waldorf School. Always holding environmental accountability and quality education as a moral code of action, Jesse remains committed and active as an individual and performer.