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Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire 8

Mannheim Steamroller  Fresh Aire 8 by Chip Davis with the London Symphony
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Mannheim Steamroller
Fresh Aire 8
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1-Main Titles     
  Greek Thinkers (Suite)
 2-Day Party        
 3-Interlude 8     
 4-Night Party    
 5-Goddesses In The Forest
6-The Big Bang
10-The Circle Of Love    
11-The Steamroller        
12-The Heart & The Feather
Produced by Chip Davis

Available for the first time on Hybrid 5.1 Surround Sound

Mannheim Steamroller
Fresh Aire 8 by Chip Davis
  with the London Symphony

"An extraordinary collection..."Infinity Rocks"...outstanding and original!"

Fresh Aire 8 is the final album in the Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire series. Fresh Aire 8
has a full sound that offers a well-balanced blend of synthesizers and orchestra richly augmented by the London Symphony.  Always thematic affairs, the topic this time is Infinity and how it relates to all facets of human, art, philosophy, mathematics and of course music. This allows for some rather bizarre musical pieces as classic Mannheim Steamroller riffs weave their way through the tapestry of new sounds.
The first track is carved up into a five-part "suite," "The Big Bang" and "Leonardo" are extremely effective pieces and the  hauntingly romantic "Circle of Love" is another exceptional track. Varying styles are played-out with slow and up-tempo pacing throughout this great production.
The Fresh Aire series has always been at the forefront of sound recording technology. Whenever an audio store needed to demo a piece of expensive equipment, invariably the music chosen to sample on the equipment was by Mannheim Steamroller. This latest 5.1 issue by Fresh Aire 8 is predicted to be the definitive medium by which to judge digital surround-sound audio systems.
All eight Fresh Aire releases were certified gold over the years it has taken to complete the series that began in 1975. Fresh Aire 8 is dynamic and refreshing and of the high standard of sound and performance the audience has long enjoyed from this ground breaking group of talented musicians.