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Gipsy Kings
Gipsy Kings
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"...truly a musical masterpiece."

Tu Quieres Volver
Bem, Bem, Maria
Un Amor
A Mi Manera (My Way)
Djobi Djoba
Quiero Saber
Amor, Amor


Gipsy Kings <><> Gipsy Kings <><> Ltd Ed #3

Since emerging the Gipsy Kings have reigned virtually unchallenged over their own lucrative corner of the world-music market.
NY Times

The eponymously-titled U.S. debut that broke the Gipsy Kings through to the international mainstream,spent 40 weeks on the U.S. album charts and includes two of the band's biggest hits, "Djobi Djoba" and the infectious "Bamboleo." Their songs travel the world, regardless of the fact that they sing in their own language, mixing French, Spanish and gypsy dialects.  

This album, drawing heavily from gypsy and flamenco traditions in content and style, is filled with the band's trademark mix of guitars, handclaps, and percussion over varied tracks ranging from intense dance numbers to passionate love songs.

Gipsy Kings are the biggest-selling French act ever in the US and the group has been the subject of two PBS specials.