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Grateful Dead : Blues For Allah

Grateful Dead
Blues For Allah
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Help On the Way
Franklin's Tower
King Solomon's Marbles
Stronger Than Dirt or Milkin' the Turkey
The Music Never Stopped

Crazy Fingers
Sage & Spirit
Blues for Allah
Sand Castles & Glass Camels
Unusual Occurrences in the Desert

Mastered by Kevin Gray

Last copy of this Classic Dead title...

Very rare single digit Limited Editions #2

Grateful Dead <> Blues For Allah

"Blues For Allah is nearly as compelling as the live shows from this period, and among their finest studio work."

"Blues for Allah" is the eighth studio album by the Grateful Dead. Many people believe this studio record comes closest to capturing the groove and energy of the Dead in concert - this album is also at the very top tier of the Dead studio work.  The album reached #12 on the US Pop charts.  Few bands have as varied a pedigree as the Dead, so following their early-seventies dalliance with country-influenced rock the band was searching for new directions. Much of this 1975 release is the sound of the Dead rebuilding itself from scratch.

"Blues for Allah" is a marvelous album containing some of the band's strongest songs. The melodies and playing are superb, it is also rooted heavily in complex jazz fusion, almost every song here is filled with a vibrant energy, atmosphere and creativity. But what really makes this album is that the Dead stretch out and jam on many of the songs including the two instrumentals "King Solomon's Marbles" and "Sage And Spirit." That jazz like spirit permeates Blues For Allah, it is a complex work that flows together from start to finish. Although there are seperate and distinct songs, it plays as one long suite. The result of this bold, new direction is simply one of the finest jazz-funk recordings. Older Dead is great, but for this period of their journey, this is a crown jewel.