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Return to Forever :: Musicmagic

Return to Forever  Musicmagic  SACD
Return to Forever
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1-The Musician
2-Hello Again
4-So Long Mickey Mouse
5-Do You Ever
6-The Endless Night

Producer: Chick Corea    
Co-producer: Stanley Clarke

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
SACD Authoring: Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering

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Return to Forever      Musicmagic
"One of the best albums released during the jazz fusion era...a must-have transitional recording."
Great Collaboration Between Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke

Musicmagic is Return to Forever's seventh and final studio album and one of the best jazz recordings released in the fusion genre. The album contains the final line-up of the band with only founders Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke returning from the previous recordings. This 1977 release was the first Return to Forever album in five years to contain vocals, performed here by Corea's future wife Gayle Moran and the surprisingly enjoyable Stanley Clarke. This album also marked the return of original member Joe Farrell on saxophone and flute, along with several new members making up a killer five-piece horn section.

The sound is remarkably more orchestral than anything the group had previously done, a cross between fusion, jazz vocals, big band and grassroots accoustic jazz. Musicmagic celebrates the pure joy of music with contributions from Corea (“The Musician”), Moran (the existential jazz ballad “Do You Ever”), Corea and Moran together (“Musicmagic” and “The Endless Night”) and Clarke (“Hello Again” and the album’s single greatest moment, “So Long Mickey Mouse,” offering particularly great spots for Farrell’s flute and soprano, Corea’s keyboard kaleidoscope and Clarke’s entrancing bass).

The music of this new Return to Forever band overwhelms you with a great sense of accomplishment. The album reached #4 on the Billboard Jazz chart and doesn't lose a beat when compared to previous works by the band.