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Scorpions :: Love At First Sting

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Love At First Sting
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Bad Boys Running Wild    
Rock You Like a Hurricane    
I'm Leaving You    
Coming Home    
The Same Thrill    
Big City Nights    
As Soon as the Good Times Roll    
Still Loving You    

Remastered by Kevin Gray and Momchil Zanev
   at Cohearent Audio
Produced by Dieter Dierks


"...the definitive 80's Scorpions release, a flawless, hard-hitiing, rock/metal album."

The Scorpions are the largest selling German band in rock history - Klaus Miene, Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs, Francis Bucholz, and Herman Rarebell are legends of the metal genre. Although the Scorpions had already achieved fame after 1982's Blackout, Love at First Sting was the first Scorpions album to please the overall radio world and brought them their biggest single of the decade.  It is from this record that most of the group’s hits originate, and the tracklist reads like a greatest hits collection. Love at First Sting is the ninth studio album by the band, it peaked at number 6 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1984 and went triple platinum.

The album features an equal balance of heavier tracks, catchy metal driven by memorable riffs, and power ballads.  "Rock You Like A Hurricane" is one of their biggest hits and remains their signature song. The tune reached number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, number 14 in Germany, number 2 in the French and Swiss Top 50. The ballad "Still Loving You" reached number 64 on the same US chart and is one of the best of the metal era and showcases pretty passionate soloing from lead guitarist Matthias Jabs. Tracks like "Big City Nights," "Bad Boys Running Wild," and "I'm Leaving You" are all very strong, featuring excellent melodies penned by rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker. The acoustic turned heavy rocker "Coming Home" is one of the strongest tracks and was the opening song for many of their live shows.

This album is notable in that it was one of the first digitally recorded heavy metal albums ever released. The original cover photo was created by famed photogrpaher Helmut Newton

"...a major accomplishment...there's nothing on here that doesn't rock."