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Spirit :: The Family That Plays Together

Spirit  The Family That Plays Together  SACD
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The Family That Plays Together
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1.     I GOT A LINE ON YOU       
2.     IT SHALL BE                
3.     POOR RICHARD                
4.     SILKY SAM                   
5.     DRUNKARD               
6.     DARLIN' IF                 
7.     IT'S ALL THE SAME             
8.     JEWISH                   
10.    SHE SMILES                   
11.    AREN'T YOU GLAD            

12.     FOG                
13.     SO LITTLE TO SAY      
14.     MELLOW FELLOW      
15.     NOW OR ANYWHERE   
16.     SPACE CHILE  
Produced by Lou Adler
Mastered by Steve Hoffman and Stephen Marsh
SACD Authoring: Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering

The Family That Plays Together

"Every song is a riveting study in music without barriers."
Includes the HIT, "I Got A Line On You" and 5 BONUS Tracks!

The Family That Plays Together was released in December 1968. On this, the second Spirit album, the group put all of the elements together that made them the legendary band that they were. The Family That Plays Together displays the band's ability to play beyond the genre of psychedelic rock. Jazz, rock & roll, and even classical elements combined to create one of the cleanest, most tasteful syntheses of its day. The album's hit single, "I Got a Line on You," boasts especially strong harmonies as well as one of the greatest rock riffs of the period.

Ed CassidySpirit's songs covered about every subject under the sun. The first half of the recording is a wonderful and seamless suite, and taken in its entirety, one of the greatest sides on Los Angeles rock. The SACD includes some excellent bonus tracks. "So Little to Say" is one of Jay Ferguson's finest compositions ever, and the jazz-inspired instrumentals such as "Fog" and "Space Chile" showcase pianist John Locke as one of the most inspired and lyrical players in the rock idiom. Tracks such as "It Shall Be" and "Silky Sam" demonstrate the ease with which the ensemble can incorporate jazz into their idiosyncratic form of rock, while "Jewish" and "Aren't You Glad" show the band's competence in exploiting both world music and jam rock.

The album's title was inspired by the stepson-stepfather relationship between guitarist Randy California and percussionist Ed Cassidy.

All in all, a classic album and a true landmark.